Connect MongoDB clusters
A simple summary of how to connect an existing MongoDB instance.

Step 1: Choose MongoDB from the catalog

To get started, head to the Services tab of the Buildable Dashboard and select the MongoDB option from the available services.
To connect data from an existing MongoDB cluster, select the Link Account option and click the Continue button.
This option requires a previously created MongoDB cluster, which gives you a MongoDB URI. If you don't have a MongoDB Cluster, simply use Buildable's Create New MongoDB option (currently available for Beta Users only)

Step 3: Add a name and a MongoDB URI

Give your Service a name that is easily recognizable. Then, you'll need to construct the MongoDB URI for your instance. The MongoDB URI will look like this:
Make sure your MongoDB URI needs to include the <database-name>. If the database name doesn't match an existing database, Buildable will create a new one for you will the name you append.
Need help constructing your MongoDB URI? We can help there, friend. Use the below guide:

Step 4: Connect!

Once your MongoDB URI is entered, you can use the Test Connection feature to make sure the MongoDB is valid before installing the Service. Once tested, click Connect to install the service on your account.