Deploy a Flow
A simple summary of how to deploy a flow.
Deploying a flow to production
When you deploy a Flow, Buildable automatically spins up an entirely separate live environment for your Flow, called Production. You can see your current working environment on the upper right-hand side of the canvas. Once a flow has been deployed, its production version is replaced by the current development version.
You'll also notice your Flow's unique URL has an environment label indicating test for development and live for production. If you're connecting flows to frontend code, you can easily set up a configuration that can alternate the environment label depending on whether you're in staging or production.

Example URL Endpoints

In development mode, your endpoint URL would look like this:
Once your Flow has been deployed to production, its endpoint URL would look like this:
For safety reasons, you cannot make edits directly to a Production Flow. To make changes in Production, you need to switch to the Flow's Workstation mode, make your changes and deploy again.
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