A summary of Buildable's powerful code completion tool within a Node


When you double-click a node in the canvas, you expose the nifty code editor, which lets you leverage Buildable's powerful AutoComplete functionality.

What does this mean?

This means that whenever you connect a database instance or any other service integration, you immediately get intelligent autocomplete for all of your relations and actions, along with descriptions for all payloads. With this powerful feature, writing code in the editor will be a seamless process that doesn’t require you to leave Buildable in search of documentation every few minutes!
AutoComplete in action ⚡️

How to use AutoComplete?

As you write code, you can press CTRL + SPACE to receive a dropdown of autocomplete suggestions based on your cursor's context. These suggestions are generated using typescript types and will indicate:
  • What the description of a field is
  • The data type of the field is
  • Whether the field is required or optional