Environment Variables
A simple summary of how to create, manage and use environment variables.


Buildable provides you the functionality of creating environment variables in the settings dashboard that you can access when writing code within a Node. Each environment variable has a development and production value. These values are automatically injected when a Flow is triggered based on its environment.
Environment Variables

Creating Environment Variables

To create and manage existing environment variables, visit the Settings page and click "Environment Variables". Here you are able to create, edit and delete environment variables.
Enter the development and production values for your environment variable and then click the "Add" button.
Creating an environment variable

Using Environment Variables

When writing code in the editor, simply type $trigger.env to expose a dropdown of your available environment variables. Since Buildable handles injecting the proper value of your variable based on the environment of your Flow, you only need to reference the name of your variable once.
Below is an example of referencing the environment variable EXPIRATION (that was created in the example above) within the code editor.
Referencing a created environment variable in the code editor