Create Recipes

How to create Recipes using Buildable's developer dashboard

To create a Recipe once you're in the Buildable developer dashboard, you can either:

Start from scratch

Creating a Recipe from scratch is quick and easy. Head to the Recipes tab of your developer dashboard and click the 'Create new recipe' button in the top right corner of your screen.

By default, you'll be redirected to the Recipe Editor in Workstation mode, which is designed specifically for testing purposes. Each Recipe has a unique endpoint URL that can be found by clicking the Trigger step.

Start from a Template

Templates are pre-built, pre-tested and ready to deploy Recipes.

For example, the Login with Google Template gives you the logic required for SSO out-of-the-box. All you need to do is connect your Google Developer account, test and deploy.

Finding a template

To activate a Recipe template, go to the Catalog section of the main dashboard. From there, you'll be able to search for templates by category (i.e., marketing) or keyword (i.e., SendGrid). You can also use the category filters below the search bar to narrow your search.

Once you find the template you'd like to use, simply click the template card to open up the detail drawers. From there, you'll be able to answer key questions about the template, such as:

  • What does the Template do?

  • What is the Template logic mostly used for?

  • What Recipes and Services will the Template generate for me?

  • What's the average execution time for the Recipes in the Template?

Activating a template

To activate a Template, click the "Use template" button in the Template details drawer. Once clicked, Buildable will automatically copy the Recipes included in the Template into your Recipe list.

Some Templates will generate single-Recipes, while some Templates generate multi-Recipes. The Login with Google Template, for example, gives you full OAuth logic in a matter of seconds. To accomplish the logic needed for OAuth, 3 Recipes are required. When using this Template, all 3 Templated Recipes are cloned and added to your list for use.

In addition to generating Recipes for you, Templates will also generate the Services required for the included Recipes. Therefore, you can expect to use Templates to automatically generate Recipes and Services in both tabs of your main dashboard.

Explore all Available Templates