Frequently asked questions

What is a Flow?

Flows are scaleable, easy-to-deploy logic bundles. Depending on your configuration, they can either be triggered manually via an API endpoint or on time increments via a Task Scheduler. Flows are built using either JavaScript or Python and are compatible with all your favorite libraries.

Have you built [feature-request] yet?

We're building as fast as we can! And are extending in every vertical we believe will drive the most value for our end developers. Here are the features we have built:
  • A configurable GUI for your recipes
  • A multi-environment feature to act as a safeguard for your test and production code
  • 10 native integrations including Stripe, SendGrid, Plaid and others
  • Buildable-hosted MongoDB Atlas integration with robust API-generator
  • Out-of-the-box auth and user management
  • Access control (coming soon)
  • Community publishing (coming soon)
For a full list of feature updates, see our product changelog.

Are you like a 'Zapier for developers'?

Not quite. While we feel like a workflow tool, Buildable extends far beyond simple automations. Let's dig into it.
Zapier is a workflow automation tool for primarily non-technical folks, like ops leads and marketers. It's mostly used for creating simple automations, such as sending recent updates from a Google Sheet to a Slack channel or storing recent Zoom recordings in a Google Drive folder. In other words, you connect together third-party API functions that you use operationally to reduce redundant manual labour. As a matter of fact, we use Zapier internally at Buildable and it's a great tool for the periphery of your tech stack.
Buildable, on the other hand, is an API-orchestration tool for Javascript & Python developers and is an accelerant of your core tech stack. It's designed specifically for you to be able to extend existing APIs or build net new APIs in seconds. It helps accelerate (to an order of magnitude) the:
  • development of your core web app features,
  • the manipulation of your data and the
  • deployment cadences that get your features to production
With our Community feature launch, we're also a community of avid developers committed to helping push innovation amongst our peers via shared/published logic bundles.

Can you connect your own database?

Yes! We currently support dedicated database attachments for your own MongoDB, Postgres, and MySQL instances.