A simple summary on how to use the Conditional step to add conditional rules to a Flow


You can add conditional logic to Flows in Buildable using our Conditional step. Conditional allows you to define rules to determine which of two paths your Flows should execute.

To add a Conditional to your Flow, click the "+" button in the Flow editor and choose the Conditional step from the step selector drawer.

Conditional rules

To add a rule to your Conditional, click the dropdown menu in the 'type name of step' input to choose a value that you want to evaluate. In the input to the right, you can choose a conditional operator (e.g. is true, equals, greater than).

If you choose a relational operator, another input will appear where you can type or choose or a second value to compare to.

You can combine multiple rules using "and" and "or" operators.

Pausing this step for tests

You can toggle the Pause action toggle when testing your Flow. This will skip the Conditional logic on tests and continue to execute the steps following the Conditional.

Pause for testing only works when your Flow is in Workstation mode. It will not apply when the Flow is deployed and in Production mode.