A simple summary on how to use Requests in a Recipe


You can make requests to any HTTP API using Buildable's Request step. This is useful for building Flows that interface with your own internal APIs, or with services that Buildable might not be supported as a native integration yet.

Making a Request

To add a request to your Flow, click the "+" button in the Flow editor and choose the Request step from the step selector drawer. You can follow familiar specifications to setup requests in Buildable:

  • URL

  • Request type

    • POST

    • GET

    • PUT

  • Request data

    • Query parameters

    • Headers

    • Body parameters

Configuring your Request URL

You can enter the request URL in the input under "Make an HTTP request to".

Sending data in the request

Query parameters, headers, and body parameters can be included in the request by adding them in the key-value table under "What data should we include in the request?".

When using the key-value table, you can type in static values or reference variables from upstream steps by invoking the variable menu using the dropdown button.

Sending JSON in a request

The easiest way to send JSON in a request is by first defining the JSON object in a Function step, then reference it in the Request step's body parameters. You can reference our docs on how to use Functions here.