A simple summary on how to use Services in a Recipe


Services are data resources that you can create and embed within Flows. Each Service comes with a lightning-fast API generator, which means every Service you create will come with pre-assembled CRUD actions by default. To fully understand how to use Services, we'll cover:

Generate your Services

To create additional Services for your application, simply add a new entry to the table. When a new entry is added, Buildable automatically generates a Service with the name you provide and assembles generic CRUD actions for the Service. You're able to view the available CRUD actions for each Service you generate using the 'Available Actions' column in the Services table. The first four CRUD actions are visible, while the rest are shown by hovering over the "..." chip at the end of the row.

Each Services comes with the following actions:

  • Create

  • Update

  • Delete

  • Get by ID

  • Count

  • List

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Access Service actions in your Flow

Once a Service is created, its actions can be used to generate and manipulate data via your Flows, using the Service step.

Using the Hosts Service in a Recipe to generate data

Generate, view and query your data

Once you've added a Service step and selected the appropriate action, you can click 'Test Flow' to call it and ensure data was generated as expected. If we go back to the Services tab in the dashboard, we can click the Service to view its data.