Task Scheduler

Scheduler (coming soon!)

The Scheduler trigger is used for Flows that need to run automatically at a scheduled time or interval. You can think of the Scheduler like a chron job. For example, you might want to query your services every day for new users that successfully activated a new feature and add them to an engagement email campaign that surveys them for feedback.

The Scheduler trigger provides the following scheduling options:

  • Hourly (e.g. every hour at 15 minutes past the hour)

  • Daily (e.g. every 2 days at 9:00 am)

  • Weekly (every Monday at 12:00 pm)

To start running a scheduled Flow, click the Enable Scheduler toggle in the box of the top left of the Recipe Editor. To disable the Scheduler, simply toggle off the Scheduler in the same box.

Keep in mind that higher intervals used in your Scheduler (i.e., minutes or seconds) have higher processing requirements, which simply means you'll increase your calls. Our Free plans come with 10,000 calls per month without the need for a credit card or any form of commitment. If you require more calls, you can simply upgrade to our Cloud or Enterprise plans.