A guide on how to integrate powerful Twilio API actions into your Recipes


Twilio is an API to send and receive SMS, MMS, OTT messages globally. It uses intelligent sending features to ensure messages reliably reach end-users wherever they are.

Step 1: Find your Twilio Account SID & Auth Token

You can find both your Twilio Account SID and Auth Token in the Twilio Settings page of your console.

Step 2: Connect your Twilio account to Buildable

To add Twilio as a step in your Recipe, click the "+" button in the Recipe editor canvas and choose Twilio from the step selector drawer. Click the dropdown in the "Select your account" section and click the "Add new" option. In the popup that appears, add a name for the account to easily distinguish it in future steps, as well as the Account SID and Auth Token. Click the Connect button to complete the connection.

Step 3: Select your Twilio action

Buildable's native Twilio integration makes accessing Twilio's powerful SMS APIs seamless and lightning fast. The integration gives developers instant access to the following actions:

  • Send text message

  • List phone numbers