Getting Started
Quick start guide to Buildable: fast, reliable, and scalable tools built for developers.
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πŸ“– Steps to get started with Buildable

This guide assumes you already have a Buildable account and access to our Dashboard.
    Set up your first microservice
    Connect your first Integration app account (i.e., Slack, Stripe, etc..)
    Build your first API-based Flow
All Flows are created and edited using Buildable's logic assembler. The left side of the assembler shows the Flow's steps that are always executed sequentially from top to bottom. The drawer on the right side of the assembler is where you'll find all the controls when you're creating or editing a step. To compile meaningful Flows, you need to add steps after the Trigger.

Adding steps to a Flow

To add a step to a Flow, you simply need to hover over a step and click the "+" sign that appears below the step. By clicking this button, you'll open the Step Selector drawer that shows you all the available steps you're able to add. In the Step Selector, you'll have access to various logic, integration and secure variable steps.
Adding a Function and a SendGrid step
To learn about the different step types, visit:

Removing steps from a Flow

To remove a step from a Flow, you simply need to hover over a step and click the garbage can icon that appears to the left of the step. Keep in mind, this action cannot be undone, so be sure when you're deleting steps from your Flow.

Passing data between steps in your Flow

Buildable makes it really easy to pass data between steps. To do so, you'll use the key-value table found in the step you're looking to assign data.
Let's say you're building a simple Flow that generates a Random Code and you want to pass the data from the Trigger step to the Function step.
To do this, simply add a Key name (i.e., name) and use the drop-down selector in the Value column to assign data from a previous step (i.e., $ Keep in mind, you can also manually type $steps in the Value field to assign your data faster. You can also type the value statically (i.e., Jane).
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