🤔 Why Use Buildable?

Reasons why you should choose Buildable as your microservice middleware and backend orchestration tool of choice

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📢 Calling all Javascript developers...

Buildable is used by developers across the stack and seniority levels.

For example, if you're a senior backend developer, you'd use Buildable to completely remove the headaches associated with DB pipelining, integrating 3rd-party APIs, separating your testing and production APIs and/or deploying your endpoints.

If you're a frontend developer (React, Angular, etc..), you're really good at creating frontend components and assembling interfaces. But, what about the logic? Buildable makes it easy for you to build, test and deploy backend logic bundles as fast as you can a radio button using Material UI.

👨‍💻 Want to deploy a new API or extend your infrastructure? You're going to want to use microservices...

With the current software architecture landscape, structuring and maintaining structurally clean code at scale is challenging, time-consuming and extremely expensive. Buildable gives you access to our custom Logic Assembler and Microservice Mesh products that are:

  • Built for production

  • Requires only 2-minutes to learn how to use

  • Makes it easy to spin up microservice instances (i.e., MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, BigQuery, Stripe, Slack, Plaid, etc..) in a few clicks

  • Makes it easy to layer logic on top of connected instances with Auto Flows and Custom Flows

  • Instant CRUD comes with every net new or connected cluster (Create, Update, Delete, List, Count and Get by ID)

  • Makes it easy to layer in logic using a suite of third-party app integrations (Shopify, Bitly, Notion, Plaid, Fidel, Google Places, etc..)

  • Makes technical debt a thing of the past.

👎 The downside of manually orchestrated microservices

Configuring and maintaining microservice meshes/architectures manually can be a developer's #1 pain.

It's expensive:

  • An average of $216K/year in costs

  • $2k-5k/month in AWS, Google and/or Azure bills

  • $4800/month of engineering time

It's time-consuming:

  • Teams waste 25% of engineering resources managing and re-training developers on services

  • It takes 3-6 months to develop robust infrastructure or app functions that scale

  • Failures or networking issues can be catastrophic, requiring anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to recover

It can be unreliable:

  • Manual microservice meshes, paired with subjective code production, create a multitude of interconnected issues multiple times per week:

    • Permission issues

    • Inconsistent code syntax

    • Corrupted internal databases

    • Frequent bugs + regressions

Trust us, you don't want to be wasting your time on future problems you'll have that can be solved instantly today.

😎 Leave microservice architectures to the Experts

Buildable's core products make it easy for you to spin up or connect your favourite DB vendors, 3rd-party APIs, and custom functions. All with virtually no bugs!

One dashboard that makes it synonymous to connect to any tool, while giving you the flexibility to build how you want.

Buildable Flows

App logic, such as endpoints or tasks, that you create on Buildable are called Flows. Flows are built using Buildable's intuitive assembler that is compatible with your preferred programming language. Using the assembler, you can create custom endpoints, fork existing endpoints or leverage automatically generated endpoints, called Auto Flows. Paired with Microservices, Buildable provides a powerful suite of microservice-based coding tools.

You'll love it because you get access to a:

  • Systemized approach of keeping your code highly functional

  • Easy-to-use logic steps within the assembler

  • Growing list of compatible NPM libraries

Learn more about Buildable Flows here

Buildable Microservices

Buildable's Microservice suite comes with out-of-the-box resource management tools. You can easily spin up a net new instance or connect your own using instances via popular vendor partnrs, like MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, PostgreSQL and many more!

You'll love it because you'll get access to:

  • 3x faster API generation

  • Database options supporting both self-hosted and Buildable-hosted

  • Visualizer: see the real-time state of your DB records

Learn more about Buildable Microservices here.

Buildable Templates

Buildable Templates are created by forking and bundling existing Flows for future use. Using the Flow fork feature, paired with our intuitive tagging system, you can easily organize and replicate logic for various engineering teams within your organization.

Buildable Support

Buildable has expert, hands-on support, dedicated to all customers.

  • 98% Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score

  • Direct access to core engineers

  • Advising on building product

  • Connections to other people in the industry

🤝 Who we work with

Top enterprise customers and developers across the globe trust our products.

  • 3,000+ developers across 15+ countries

  • 22% of total DB market share coverage across 3 top integration partners

  • Backed by tech's top VCs, including Golden Ventures, Ripple Ventures and Village Global

  • A team strictly dedicated to working with and supporting fundamentally good people

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