Developer Dashboard

The developer dashboard is Buildable's main hub. From the dashboard, you'll be able to view:

Recipes tab

The Recipes tab in your developer dashboard is where all your Recipes are stored. From this tab, you can create new Recipes or search for existing Recipes previously developed.

Services tab

The Services tab in your developer dashboard is where all your data resources are stored. From this tab, you can create new Services by simply adding a new row to the microservice table. Once a new row is added, Buildable automatically generates the microservice for you and attaches 6 out-of-the-box, fully functional CRUD actions (Create, Update, Delete, Get by ID, Count and List).

Connects Apps

Viewing your connected apps

To manage a list of all connected accounts you've added, simply head to the Connected Apps section of the main dashboard. From this list, you'll be able to see a master list of all third-party accounts you've added while building Recipes.

For example, if you used a Stripe integration step in a Recipe to deploy payment logic for your app, you'd need to connect your internal Stripe account. The connected Stripe account, once connected in the Recipe Editor, would show up here.

Deleting connected apps

If you'd like to remove an account you've added, simply click the three dots icon in the account card, then click the "Delete" option.

Be careful when deleting Connected App accounts. Connected App accounts enable Integration steps to function properly. If you remove a Connected App account that is being used in a production Recipe, the Recipe will not be able to perform its intended function.

Account Settings

As a member of the Buildable community, you have the power to grant access to other top tier developers in your network. To do so, simply:

  1. Head to Settings > Share Invite Link

  2. Copy your share link

  3. Paste it in an email, Twitter post, LinkedIn DM or anywhere else

Every member has unlimited invites and is rewarded for each invite, so don't hesitate to broadcast your share link to as many developers as you want.