Stripe Secret Key
A guide on how to create and/or find your Stripe Secret Keys

Step 1: Login to your Stripe account

Login to your Stripe account at

Step 2: Copy an existing Secret Key or create a new one

Once logged in, head to the Developers section of the Stripe portal. Then, head to the API Keys section. In this page, you'll want to make sure you're copying your secret key and not your publishable key. If you don't already have an existing Secret Key in your account, you'll need to create one first.

Step 3 (optional): Switching to test keys

Stripe gives you the ability to create both live API keys and test API keys. To use test keys instead, simply hit the View test data toggle on the top right of your screen and copy the Secret key version for test data.
This is helpful for when you're building logic in a development environment and want to, for example, test the endpoint of creating customers. Instead of creating a high volume of customers in your live (i.e., production) Stripe account, you can use the test key and create customers in your Stripe test environment.
Last modified 1mo ago