Google OAuth

A guide on how to connect Google OAuth credentials as a Recipe step


The Google OAuth step is handy when using Buildable's Login with Google Recipe template. This template gives developers the ability to integrate Google SSO into their frontend user applications in a few minutes, instead of a few days.

Step 1: Find your Google Client ID and Client Secret

You can find your Google Client ID and Client Secret by following the instructions on the Google OAuth 2.0 page.

Step 2: Connect your Google OAuth account to Buildable

To add Google OAuth as a step in your Recipe, click the "+" button in the Recipe editor canvas and choose Google OAuth from the step selector drawer. Click the dropdown in the "Select your account" section and click the "Add new" option. In the popup that appears, add a name for the account to easily distinguish it in future steps, the Google Client ID and Google Client Secret. Click the Connect button to complete the connection.